Homeowner tired of Ogden's not enforcing codes

Tuesday , August 19, 2014 - 5:08 PM



For the past 18 months I have tried in vain to have the property next to me comply with the guidelines of Ogden City Code Enforcement. Emails and phone calls ahve been ignored, still waiting for a response from a June complaint. Below is what Ogden City’s Code Enforcement says:

Ogden City codes and ordinances exist to protect citizen’s rights,neighborhood aesthetics, property value, public safety, as well as to prevent the accumulation of materials that could pose a fire, safety or health hazard.The Code Enforcement staff seeks voluntary compliance to the municipal code by providing citizens and businesses and guidance and direction for the resolution of problems and violations in a friendly, fair and impartial manner.

I was once told by Ogden city that if it “can not be seen from the street it is okay.” Next door to me, rotting wood beneath peeling paint on the rain gutter, dying grass due to the lack of water (the sprinkler line is rolled up next to a wrecked car hiding a pile of debris. I was told, “We have a work order open.“ Open for 18 months?

Other houses in the area with 4-foot high weeds, debris left for months in front of garages, abandoned cars and ”stuff“ in carports that should be behind a garage door. A convenience store has closed due to selling spice and buying food stamps. Now it’s a terrible eyesore. I’m sure a potential buyer would not be interested in this area. The inner city looks better than the high-bench adjacent to 9th Street, Maxfield and Stowe Drive.

An email to me yesterday from a supervisor after code enforcement says all was okay in my area. His response to all concerned: ”Thank you, case closed; good job.“ It was typical backslapping and patronizing statement! I sent a letter to the city on Friday. Wow, what a response;  a knock on my door and I was not home. I think an appointment would have been in order.

My home devalued $2,000 last year due to irresponsible homeowners. Responsible owners can expect the same.

Mack Foss


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