Reminder: Cops lives at stake whenever they approach someone

Thursday , August 21, 2014 - 3:45 PM



Not always do I agree with the philosophy in "Our View" but when I read the opinion in the Aug. 21 issue, "We need to respect police," I was very pleased. With all the publicity the anti-police protestors have gotten from the media over many months, I had determined that the vary arm that helps protect their safety has not gotten a fair-shake.

Give the anti-police protestors all the publicity they deserve but give the police an equal amount of positive support, they deserve it also.

The immediate response of the protesters is evidence that this is a "pot-calling-the- kettle-black" situation. They have immediately judged and sentenced the police without hearing, nor wanting to hear, the facts. They are doing exactly what they are accusing the officers of doing, making a poor decision and immediately acting on it. The only difference is that the police officer had only seconds to evaluate the totality of the situation as well as the consequences of a reaction that could very well, and thousands of time does, cause him and others great harm. It appears that the anti-police protesters have made an immediate decision of guilt without considering the evidence that only an investigation can produce.

They demand "immediate justice" without allowing the police the same consideration in a heat-of-the-moment decision when life and limb are at stake. The truth will come out, but only through an investigation. The police deserve it and the media should allow it.

Police officers don't take the job so they can unleash police brutality on the innocent public. Their lives are at stake every time they approach an individual, and because they are willing to face that risk, is the simple reason that isn't the case for the rest of us.

I want the protection of the police, and I have the confidence that they are doing their best to keep criminals off our streets and protect the safety of all of us. They're welcome at my house any time.

Bob Jenkins

Farr West

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