'Unarmed boy' robbed store, bullied clerk

Friday , August 22, 2014 - 2:08 PM


Dear Editor,

"Unarmed“ is not disarmed. An unarmed criminal suspect who is shot or beaten in an attempted arrest may still be dangerous, the suspect may have a hidden weapon or have great strength which coupled with rage would make him or her even more dangerous. If the suspect overpowers the officer and takes a weapon then he is "armed and dangerous."

It is patently deceptive to focus on the word "unarmed" as has been the case in a recent shooting of a young man in Missouri.

The victim has been repeatedly referred to as an "unarmed boy," in this case the boy is over six feet tall weighing nearly 250 pounds. The "boy" had just walked into a store, grabbed a box of cigars, strong armed the clerk who tried to stop him and walked out of the store.The boy acted like a bully; we can only speculate as to whether this was his first criminal act.

None of this extenuating information explains why or how the shooting happened nor does it explain the officers bad judgement, if that is the case. Perhaps a complete medical report of injuries to the officer and a complete autopsy report will give a truer picture.

Meanwhile the cause of justice has not been well served by rioting, looting and vandalizing of rabble rousers and anarchists who seem bent on undermining law and order and civility. Some leaders who prompted this violence, even if well intentioned, should reconsider their actions.

John W. Reynolds

Pleasant View

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