If you've never driven a snowplow, you don't know what you're missing

Wednesday , December 30, 2015 - 6:59 PM

I’m writing this letter to hopefully help all of the people who’ve never plowed before understand what they’ve missed out on.

First you get to plow all night and all the next day. Then you get to listen to everyone complain about what you’ve been doing while they were sleeping and going about their lives as though it were not snowing.

The public insists that every road be free of all snow and ice, regardless of amount of snow or outside temperatures or holidays. But when plowing streets, the snow has to go somewhere and unfortunately, your driveway is in the path of that snow.

These things are also true of parking lots.

The people out plowing also have lives and families who are affected when daddy or mommy is out plowing on Christmas or their birthday.

Plows deal with people who can’t drive or whose cars are ill-equipped for winter. Those people will cut them off because they don’t want to be behind a plow.

These snowplow drivers are out night and day for days on end. They are sympathetic of your plight, so please understand theirs.

If you have snow tires, snowshoes,a snowblower and perhaps a little patience, your winter will be a lot less stressful — and, as a result, the same will be true of the people out clearing your streets and parking lots. 

Please slow down, be polite and know snowplow drivers aren’t really enjoying this either, but they are dedicated and hard-working people who also live here and have to clean their driveways when they get home as well.

And by the way, it’s illegal to push your snow into the road.

RaeAnn DeMain


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