Weber County Sheriff's Office personnel need pay raises, sheriff says

Sunday , July 31, 2016 - 7:30 AM10 comments

By way of some history, Weber County Sheriff’s Office employees have experienced a tediously slow increase in wages over last several years. Wages in this market, however, have been increasing much more quickly than Weber County’s wages, creating quite a dilemma for the sheriff’s office.

That being said, the sheriff’s office has been frugal in its approach to expenditures, understanding the responsibility of managing public funds. As an example, the office has eliminated several positions over the past five years. In addition, the command staff has been cut by a third and first-line supervision was cut by another 12 percent. These changes have resulted in budget decreases of nearly $1 million.

During a time of additional unrest and burgeoning societal changes across our country, with the nature of the targets on law enforcement, it is imperative now to do the right thing and appropriately compensate sheriff’s staff.

Citizens ask law enforcement to risk their lives to save others, and, sadly, the loss of law enforcement lives happens daily across this nation. No amount of pay will compensate for the loss of a loved one in the line of duty, but peace officers accept this risk and love their jobs. To preserve individual freedoms and liberties, it is imperative that there are noble law enforcement officers to maintain order, decency, happiness, safety and security.

Employees in the sheriff’s office are taxpayers, too, and no one likes tax increases. However, sheriff’s office staff are acutely undercompensated. Sheriff’s office staff have been leaving at an alarming rate. These employees have been transferring to other agencies with better compensation packages. They are compelled to leave to better provide financially for their families.

This increased exodus of staff has resulted in tremendous time and cost to train new staff, which have become increasingly difficult to recruit.

Please support the Weber County commissioners at this difficult time as they consider the much-needed, critical increase in pay and wages for Weber County Sheriff’s Office staff.

Sheriff Terry L. Thompson

Weber County

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