Teachers are overworked, underpaid and underequipped

Teachers Strike Jersey City

Before being invited to teach at Weber State University, I taught American history at Ben Lomond High School for three decades. I’ve never forgotten that, at least 15 years after Neil Armstrong put his footprints there, the textbook I was required to use said: “Someday man will land on...


Statistics about gun violence are fake news

Guns Lawsuit

John Reynolds just made my head explode again. I not only suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, I am someone who relies on “shibboleths” — fake news (“Guns haven’t killed anyone. They aren’t the problem,” March 27). Reynolds claims knives kill five times...


UTA could service Weber County routes with smaller buses

BZ 121817 UTA Bus 03-2

I hope the advertising on the sides of Utah Transit Authority buses is profitable because hauling passengers sure isn't. It’s not hard to see these fuel-sucking, polluting buses are roaming around Weber County all day and night with two or three passengers at any given time — or just...


A red cane is similar to a white cane, so pay attention

Blind pedestrian with cane

Recently I noticed a man with a red cane. This was the first time I’d seen a red cane. The way he maneuvered it ahead of his person suggested it had the same meaning as a white cane — that is, that the man was visually challenged. And so my message to the general public is that if you...


Shopping in Utah is an ordeal for Layton woman and her brother


Is there any place in Utah where eating and shopping can be done in peace? Without the excessively loud little girl’s noise that can not be tolerated by anyone over the age of 13? My brother and I go out to eat and are asked what children's drinks we want — lemonade, Coke or other...


Automakers need to develop phone transmission blocking system

Texting and driving

Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents. Texting and cell phone use while driving are major causes of distraction. Laws against texting/cell phone use while driving are almost impossible for law enforcement to enforce. Why has not a texting/cell phone transmission blocking system been...


Columnist proposes a right to other people's money

US Constitution

E. Kent Winward’s guest commentary on Easter Sunday, April 1, must have been an April Fool’s joke since I know he’s an educated man who knows better. He suggests that in addition to the 2nd Amendment, we should have five new rights enumerated in our Constitution — rights to...


We need a Reader's Digest version of the federal budget

APTOPIX Trump Budget Battle

According to Steve Chapman, the federal budget is a 2,232-page document that nobody reads (“The spending bill brings us closer to national bankruptcy,” March 29). This is an outrage and betrayal of the electorate. But what if it were supplemented with a kind of Reader’s Digest...


Reader appreciates S-E's reporting on Joseph Bishop

Joseph Bishop Weber State

To have some idea of what is really going on I look to multiple sources of news. To hear of the accusations against former Weber State University President Joseph Bishop, a former Missionary Training Center president, was extremely disturbing. The reporting of this story in the different media...


Utah billboards are a form of visual junk

9th president william harrison billboard

The increase in the number, height and brightness of billboards is never ending. This visual pollution, controlled by elected leaders, is allowed to defile the sightline of Utah’s beautiful vistas. I squint, trying to imagine what driving would be like if billboards were outlawed, as they are...

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