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Is a university's top priority producing winning athletic teams?

Secondary MH 111817 Weber State Idaho State 09-4

What if one of Dr. Karen Bruestle’s vocal students at Weber State University — for the sake of gender equity, let’s consider this to be a young woman — in the first year following her graduation becomes a big hit at the Metropolitan Opera? Would Ogden hold a celebration in...


We need to do something about homelessness

Secondary BZ 012618 Homeless County 02-1

I just finished reading about our homeless problem, right here at home (“34 people found during Weber County's 'most successful' homeless count,” Jan. 30 Standard-Examiner). Sometimes at night, when I can’t sleep and am feeling sorry for myself, I think of the poor homeless people...


Article may help those struggling with loss

Mormon President Nelson

It has been five years this month since my husband, Harold, died after a fall. It is very hard to adjust to life after losing a loved one. My desire in writing today is to inform you how an article in a magazine helped me increase my faith. “Open the Heavens Through Family History and Temple...


Gender dysphoria is a psychological issue, not a physical one

27th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

Anyone who claims that there is no climate change is a science denier. Anyone who claims that the Earth is flat is a science denier. Anyone who claims that the Universe and its 100 billion galaxies were created in six Earth days is a science denier. Anyone who claims that a child born with a penis,...


Trump adds insult to injury in the Middle East

Israel Palestinians

There’s a very good reason why no other country in the world has ever recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The rest of the world understands that Jerusalem is a holy city, sacred to three great world religions — Christianity, Judaism and Islam. And after infuriating the Arab...


Thanks to the Olsens for providing wholesome entertainnment

"Mary Poppins" at Terrace Plaza Playhouse

Here’s a great big thank-you to Blaine and Beverly Olsen for their many, many years of providing quality live entertainment at Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse in Washington Terrace. Beverly passed away some time ago and Blaine passed Jan. 21. It’s refreshing to know that there...


Eagle Scouts make a great community even better

MH 011317 Christmas House Box 02-2

Only 4 percent of all Scouts actually get the Eagle Scout award. Eagle Scouts are taught the very important principles of being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, brave, clean and reverent. These principles are traits of an Eagle Scout and are some of the...


Parents need to tell their children the difference between right and wrong

Birth Of A Product

The year has begun — a new year, with a lot of the same people in the same places. For instance, the same President Donald Trump and his unsupporters. Let it be. It is what it is. He is our president. Another thing that hasn’t changed: we continue to lose our children. Not only are they...


If Romney wants a government job, let him run in Massachusetts

Senate Utah Romney

So Mitt Romney made the 2002 Winter Olympics money. The Mormon volunteers did the work and he took the credit. It took three terms to get rid of Sen. Orrin Hatch, and now we want Romney? Will he save Hill Air Force Base, like Hatch said he did all these years? Hill can stand on its own. Romney...


Climate change resolutions represent a huge change in Utah's political culture

Donations Special Interests

While political discourse on the national level continues to disappoint more than we thought possible, there are some bright spots in the state Legislature this year. Yep, you read that right. Two Republican legislators, Rep. Ray Ward, Bountiful, and Rep. Becky Edwards, North Salt Lake, are each...

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