America has become a sad place ruled by a tweeting egomaniac

Wednesday , March 15, 2017 - 7:00 AM5 comments

Suppose you awoke Jan. 20, 2017, with no knowledge of our country’s past or its governing principles. What would be the America you discover between then and now?

It is led by men from the military and men of very great wealth – perhaps it is a military oligarchy. Several of those appointed leaders are heading administrative departments they actively opposed in the past. Perhaps the government wants to destroy these departments.

America’s ruler attempts to govern by edicts in the form of tweets. He disdains taking advice from those with experience in government and instead relies on family members and a small circle of friends. He reacts petulantly to critics and calls them names. He declares the news media to be the enemy and purveyors of lies.

He himself twists obvious truths. He worries his predecessor is spying on him. Perhaps the ruler is a paranoid and egomaniacal madman.

Others in the government are mostly weak people, mostly men who are reluctant to criticize the ruler. The ruler obtained power in an election where he didn’t win more votes than his opponent but was still elected somehow.

The country may be at war with its neighbor to the south and a handful of other apparently non-aggressive countries, as the ruler accuses their citizens of being criminals and bad people and wants to keep them out of America.

The ruler seeks to wall off America, literally and figuratively, from the rest of the world and belittles working with other nations except Russia, a nation ruled by a ruthless autocrat. Like China when it went from a great and progressive nation to a weak and backward one two centuries ago, America seems bent on becoming isolationist and reducing diplomatic ties to the rest of the world.

At home, the nation appears headed in the direction of depriving many of its citizens of health care.

This is not merely a science fiction fantasy. This is the image of America going forward — the America our children and the rest of the world will come to know and accept as what we are. To use the ruler’s favorite word, “Sad.”

Al Forsyth

River Heights

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