Reader thankful the Utah Legislature was only in session 45 days

Friday , March 17, 2017 - 7:00 AM3 comments

Thank you, Utah Legislature.

You only had 45 days to make me feel good, and this is what happened:

1. You lowered the legal blood alcohol limit to .05. Better watch what’s in your mouthwash.

2. You got rid of Zion Curtains, but only if there’s a Mormon Moat. And you raised the price of alcohol, so we’re picking up the cost either way.

3. You eliminated vehicle safety inspections. That will save lives.

4. You lost on Bears Ears. You lost the No. 1 outdoor trade show in doing so. Designating Bears Ears as a national monument was the only thing Obama did right.

5. You forgot the infrastructure required by our new prison. Good planning, after all these years.

I’m truly thankful you only had 45 days.

John Gehrlein

West Point

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