Making money as a paid protester? Sign me up, says this stay-at-home mom

Sunday , March 19, 2017 - 6:00 AM

I'm a stay-at-home mom, which in reality means I work for no pay. Oh, I've made some extra money here and there, but as every stay-at-home parent knows, it's tricky managing your kids' lives and trying to have a paying job at the same time.

I'm also politically active and have been known to march on occasion for a cause I believe in. I've recently had an epiphany that there may be a dream job out there for me and many others like me to get some extra cash.

I've been watching news lately about the many town hall meetings where angry and frustrated constituents are voicing their real concerns to the Republicans who are supposed to represent them. Unfortunately, rather than actually listening to the people, the representatives have labeled them "paid protesters." Could this be real? Voicing your concerns and making money at the same time?

I never knew this hidden gem of a job existed. Sign me up! Please, Republican representatives, would you send out information on where these elusive paid protesting jobs can be found? You are always claiming you will bring more jobs to struggling Americans, so here's your chance! I imagine there are many more people like me who were unaware of this fantastic job opportunity.

There is however, another option for you representatives, if this is too much trouble: Step out of your alternative reality by truly listening to all of the people you are paid to represent and do your jobs.

Diana Priest


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