Lantern House needs a crosswalk, but so does 26th and Wall Ave.

Wednesday , April 12, 2017 - 7:00 AM1 comment

It was with great dismay I read the page one story on April 7, 2017, headlined, "Crosswalk to follow Lantern House down Wall.”

Placing that lighted crosswalk in Wall Avenue near 26th Street was long overdue, and I was extremely pleased to see it installed.

A new, dedicated crosswalk on Wall at 33rd is an excellent plan, as well, since that intersection is near Lantern House.

But why does the present lighted crosswalk need to be removed? That will leave no safe place to cross Wall halfway between 25th and 29th.

Clients of the former St. Anne's Shelter (now Lantern House) are not the only pedestrians who need and use and crosswalk.

I have been out of my usual loop for several weeks due to illness, but I normally use that lighted crosswalk after dark at least once per week.

Cat Metzenbaum


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