Can't the GOP find a lifelong Utahn to replace Hatch?

Tuesday , April 18, 2017 - 7:00 AM

In what can only be a continuation of April Fools Day humor, a former governor from Massachusetts (2003 to 2007), native of Michigan, son of a former governor of Michigan, and an unsuccessful candidate for president of the U.S is being mentioned in the same sentence as U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch (’McConnell reaches out to Romney about possible Senate bid,” April 7 Standard-Examiner).

Surely, there is someone in Utah who actually has a lifelong relationship with the state who could represent the Utah in Washington — someone who is not appealing to the Utah power elite simply because of his affiliation with a local club popular in Utah.

However, if there is no one who is native to Utah who is acceptable to the selection club, the GOP might recruit former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura (Reform/independent) or bring U.S. Sen. John McCain in from Arizona (already a registered Republican). Both of these men have served and protected our country by serving in the military — a trait seriously lacking in some other politicians in Utah, and elsewhere.

On the plus side, Mitt Romney does have extensive experience with health care reform issues and how to design a government-funded system to include the poor. And the neighbors in his Utah neighborhood have plenty of money to throw at a campaign, if needed.

Surely, if Hatch retires or dies in office, the state GOP can come up with a bit more of a "Utah" candidate to replace him.

Doug Manifold

South Ogden

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