Thanks to the person who found woman's wallet in Roy and returned it

Friday , April 21, 2017 - 7:00 AM

Earlier this month, my adult daughter lost her wallet in the Roy Library parking lot. She was beside herself because it contained what most people have in their wallets. Her employer was wonderful and allowed her time off on that Friday to make a report to the Roy Police and to go home to cancel all her credit cards and obtain a new ID card. Most of that weekend she was depressed, to say the least.

The following Tuesday we received a phone call informing us that her wallet was at the Roy Police Department. Someone had turned in her wallet. Everything was in the wallet just as she left it, including her cash and photos.

In this day and age of political dishonesty and crimes in the news, it is nice to know there are still people who are honest. Whoever found the wallet did not leave their name with the police, but they know who they are and hopefully they will read this letter and learn how grateful we are to them and the Roy Police.

Mary Adams


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