Democrats, biased media are tearing America apart

Monday , June 19, 2017 - 8:00 AM4 comments

The nexus of our current train wreck of national unity is numerous points of contention between pro- and anti-Trump forces. While the pro forces often criticize President Trump’s acts or “tweets,” the anti forces always find fault with the commander in chief. Some of them even equate Trump’s success to the end of the world. It’s the story of an irresistible force meeting an immovable object — something will have to give. “NeverTrump” forces within the Democratic Party are creating disarray on the national scene as well within their party and their credibility sinks in equal parts to their contentious behavior which creates disunity.

We love to blame politicians for many of our problems, but we’d be wise to take a look in the mirror and face an even more responsible party: ourselves. Our system of government cannot function properly without an informed and engaged electorate. And the electorate cannot be effectively informed when media are so blatantly biased. We need to redefine the rules for a free press and free speech; rules and penalties for knowingly lying to the public in the press should be developed and we should look at the role of social media. The line between opinion and truthful reporting is too often blurred, often knowingly.

An acceptable place to start would be to have those wallowing in self-pity to stop, take a deep breath and develop a positive attitude about our country’s future and remember we are all in this together. It’s called being the “loyal opposition” when you don’t approve of a leader but instead of tearing the country down, you work to build it up. It’s also what separates Americans from much of the rest of the world. To descend into chaos because of an election is not how Americans should react. We face an array of international challenges from friends and foes alike and our inability to move ahead as a nation will have dire consequences if some level of unity cannot be achieved.

Unity is not “sameness.” It is a willingness to work together in spite of differences for a common goal.

John W. Reynolds

Pleasant View



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