With President Trump, the results speak for themselves

Friday , July 14, 2017 - 7:00 AM3 comments

In response to John W. Reynolds’ letter on “presidential dignity” (SE July 11, 2017) some thoughts come to mind. First of all, he states that “results speak for themselves.” OK, I will agree with that! So, what results did President Trump achieve in his six months in office?

1. Daily attacks on U.S. citizens he does not like.

2. Proposing to dismantle institutions and programs he does not like — the EPA, the Affordable Care Act, food stamps, Medicaid, free trade agreements, climate accords, you name it.

3. Antagonizing world leaders, thus isolating the United States.

I could go on ad nauseam. What irritates me the most is what Reynolds does not say. Just look back on the eight years “Before Trump.”

In early 2009, the economy was in shambles; unemployment was around 10 percent. At the end of these miraculous eight years, unemployment was 4 percent, the economy was humming and the inflation rate remained low. There was a health insurance plan in place protecting tens of millions of people, where there was nothing there before — despite the remorseless resistance of entrenched politicians who were supposedly representing the best interests of their constituents.

To all this, Trump had the gall to say that he inherited a mess, and that the swamp needed to be drained (of very effective government programs).

Will Reynolds please give us some positive examples of results of the Trump regime? I am waiting.

Gerald Mayer

South Ogden

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