Legal or not, no one should consume alcohol

Saturday , July 15, 2017 - 7:00 AM12 comments

I read a portion of the article mentioning how the Weber County Commission had voted to ban liquor from the beaches of Causey and Pineview reservoirs (“Passing of controversial Pineview, Causey alcohol ban spurs mixed feelings,” May 31). I was rather perplexed because I thought that at Pineview liquor was already illegal. I thought for sure that I saw a sign posted mentioning that such was illegal there. Was there no such sign? Or was the sign I thought I saw posted elsewhere and thus had created a faulty memory concerning this matter?

Well, be it legal or illegal in any place, liquor hurts both those who consume it and their families and friends, and in some cases, it hurts strangers. And this a very good reason to never consume that foul stuff. 

Dallon Eugene Nye


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