Some parts of Ogden are getting soaked for Weber Basin water

Tuesday , August 08, 2017 - 7:00 AM

I never noticed the discrepancy on my property taxes until I started paying my mother’s.

My property taxes include $310 for Pineview water. Now, I use Pineview water, but my bill also lists two separate charges for Weber Basin Water Conservancy District water, which I do not use.

My mother lives approximately 41 blocks south of where I do, and yet there has never been Pineview water taxes listed on her bill, only Weber Basin water. (I looked back three years.)

I called Pineview Water Systems and asked them why all Ogden residents aren’t charged for Pineview water, because Weber Basin Water is.

The answer I got was because Weber Basin already spread it out throughout Ogden, so Pineview can't.

So there are some areas of Ogden, like mine, getting soaked for Weber Basin water.

Anyone else find something wrong with this picture?

Ann M. Butler


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