Water customers without sprinkler systems are subsidizing people with big homes

Thursday , August 10, 2017 - 8:00 PM3 comments

I’m a pensioner who has faced another increase in my Pineview Water Systems bill. My charges have gone from $85 in 2001 to $300 in 2016 and will most likely be more next year.

I am at a loss as to their means of charging us. I do not have a meter, which we all should have as the user should pay accordingly like they do for gas, electricity etc.

So I asked PVW office for information on this but they could not help. The office has a “chart/matrix” of each area according to the streets. They could not tell me how the rate was determined, and referred me to the rate department at the county offices. Again I asked but they could not tell me and said it was up to the local council office.

The engineer was not available and no one else could help me.

I do not have any sprinklers, only a tap front and back. I use very little water. Basically, others like me who do not have a sprinkler system are subsidizing all those big homes, like those in the Bench areas, under a crazy system of charging people that no one seems to understand. Water is not properly billed to the user and the rates are arbitrary.

Councils and districts must work together to legislate that any new developments include secondary water meters, thus allowing homeowners to be accurately charged for their usage.

Gradually, PVW can start installing meters on all areas going forward, starting with the larger properties using a sprinkler system. This would create many jobs in the areas for local tradesmen and help the economy.

This state is a desert climate and we all need to be aware of how precious water supplies are and use them wisely. By metering secondary water, we could begin to understand how to preserve what we have for future generations, as everything has a cost.

An April story in the Standard-Examiner said the vast majority of secondary lines remain unmetered. It’s time to change before we all run dry!

Paul Mellor


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