Vital schools are the lifeblood of a community

Friday , October 06, 2017 - 6:30 AM1 comment

Ogden will have an opportunity to vote on a school bond in the amount of $106.5 million to build new schools in our community. As a parent who had five children go through Ogden City schools, I strongly urge you to consider the advantages of investing in our children and our community.

The bond is a means to borrow money for capital improvements while keeping in place the money used to directly educate students. Our vote is needed to approve the bond funding to the school district; this bond will not increase your tax rate.

To restate it again, the bond will not increase your tax rate. What it will do is provide updated, safe and engaging facilities for future generations. New school facilities are needed to ensure the safety of our children, but beyond that, the proposed professional gateway centers are an exciting new educational opportunity that will be added to all three Ogden junior high schools. These will be centers of innovation and learning which can engage all students in thinking about and planning for the changing working world of the future.

The lifeblood of a community is often tied to the vitality of its schools. Good schools make for better neighborhoods, children equipped for the future, and an educated and ready workforce to help grow our area into the 21st century. Build our schools and vote yes for the Ogden School Bond.

Terrence Bride


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