Reader disgusted that Trump would call football players SOBs

Sunday , October 08, 2017 - 7:00 AM3 comments

I recently heard President Trump tell the owners of the NFL teams whose players “took a knee” to get those SOBs out of there and fire them. To me, this meant that he just called them sons of bitches. In others words, sons of dogs. A gross insult to their mothers.

In a recent get-together with some friends from all parts of the country, I asked them what the term SOB meant. They all said, in unison, “son of a bitch.”

To say the least, I am very upset and disgusted that the president would use such language about the NFL players. 

My 1988 Webster’s Dictionary defines SOB as slang for son of a dog. I hope you will print this letter because, in my day, if I called someone an SOB, I would have probably received a knock-out punch to the chin. 

JC McLaughlin

Brigham City

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