Differences between Utah, Canadian weddings are remarkable

Wednesday , October 11, 2017 - 7:00 AM5 comments

My husband and I just returned from a family wedding in Calgary. Cultural differences between weddings here and there are striking.

Here we stand in interminably long lines waiting to shake hands with and congratulate the bride and groom and make superficial conversation with bridesmaids/groomsmen we’ve never seen before. Then we sit down in the cultural hall/basketball court (basketball courts inside a church?) where the hoops are decorated in an attempt, I suppose, to conceal them. Then we have some punch and a piece of cake. 

In Calgary, after the ceremony in a large Catholic cathedral, almost 200 guests were hosted to a five-course meal at a downtown hotel, after which the newlyweds mingled freely for hours among their invited guests. After dinner, all of these people were enjoying themselves, dancing up a storm. Many stayed until 3 a.m. when the music finally stopped. They all seemed very happy. Was this just a consequence of the open bar? Hard to say. 

But why don’t we see more of that kind of joyous celebration here?

Colleen Ogden

North Ogden

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