Re-elect Stephens, White to the Ogden City Council

Saturday , November 04, 2017 - 7:00 AM

I am endorsing the re-election of Ogden City Councilman Doug Stephens in Ward 3. In all the Ogden Council meetings, he has been attentive to all the items. In my opinion, he has voted for all of Ogden, not just a section! He has answered phone calls and messages with an understanding of my comments. And he has called back if he needed to inform me of what he learned about my concerns. I am not in his ward; if I were, he would get my vote.

Marcia White is the only member I can vote back into office, and I will! She has answered calls and has pulled back some things to correct them when informed of further information and statistics. We need some stability to help all sections of this city! Please vote for them and if you disagree, still vote your beliefs for Ogden!

Bob Giboney


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