Decisions on national monuments were politically driven

Friday , November 10, 2017 - 7:00 AM2 comments

The Trump/Zinke team are quite the pair to be making decisions on reducing the size of national monuments. President Donald Trump's background is business, reality TV and playing golf. He does not appear to be a worldly or well read person. He wants to live like a king, not a president who leads.

Unfortunately, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has a geology degree and that means his main interest is coal, oil and gas, not petroglyphs and artifacts. Zinke is an avid fisherman and hunte Maybe in the future he will propose hunting in Yellowstone National Park.

The sad part of evaluating the 27 national monuments is that it is all politically driven and not for the protection of the resources for future generations. Sent. Orrin Hatch probably had the most influence on Trump concerning the monuments in Utah. Does Hatch, who is chairman of the finance committee, now have to return Trump’s favor by ensuring tax reform is passed?

Trump has said he has done more for this country in a shorter amount of time than any other president. But I think he has done more damage than good for this country. All Trump wants to do is check off his promises, even though they are bad ideas.

Frank J. Smith


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