Trump is promoting hate and fear, and Republicans love it

Monday , December 04, 2017 - 6:00 AM5 comments

Early Wednesday morning, Trump was up retweeting anti-Muslim videos originating from an ultra- right Nazi-leaning party in Britain. Most suggest these videos are either staged or fake.

His 44 million followers on Twitter are eating this up.

Republicans have hit a new low cheering on Trump while he pushes out hate and fear. What’s even more amazing, Utah — of all states voted — for Trump. (I am now an independent.)

Probably the saddest thing is all the women who voted for Trump. I used to hold women to a much higher standard.

When you hear of another mosque being attacked, all you need to do is look to President Trump and his angry white male Republican base. God help us all.

Chuck Whitehead

Pleasant View

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