What the world needs now is love, not hate

Tuesday , December 05, 2017 - 6:00 AM

It only takes a moment to watch the evening news and see the hatred that exists in the world. In a generation where four-letter words are commonplace in almost every facet of life, so is the four-letter word “hate.”

Many of humanity’s actions have a root cause in hatred and it has seemingly become easier to hate than to love.

To those who think that guns kill people, not so. For as James Talmage said in his great work “Jesus the Christ,” “The murderer’s hand is impelled by the hatred in his heart.” Therein lies the location of humanity’s hatred of humanity — in our hearts.

The statement by Talmage could easily apply to all our hateful actions: The gossip’s hand is impelled by the hatred in his heart; the thief, the drunken man, the drug abuser, the betrayer, the spouse abuser, the bank robber, the violent protester, the evil neighbor, the angry judge, the unjust employer — all who commit such acts are impelled by hatred in the heart. And if we don’t think we hate others, we should look in the mirror and see how we treat the homeless, the destitute, the criminal, the ex-con, the vagabond, the indigent, the excommunicated, the falsely accused, the less-learned, the physically and mentally challenged and the sinner.

One man walked the earth and taught us to love perfectly. I dare say we would crucify him again because of our hatred, judgment and misunderstanding, and yet his legacy taught all men everywhere how to love, which is the one trait that has the power to unite, unify, dispel misunderstanding and bring all people together.

“Love” — if only more people had the courage to use this four-letter word, what an amazing place this world would be.

Adam Wolfe


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