Trump adds insult to injury in the Middle East

Sunday , February 04, 2018 - 12:00 AM9 comments

There’s a very good reason why no other country in the world has ever recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The rest of the world understands that Jerusalem is a holy city, sacred to three great world religions — Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

And after infuriating the Arab world with his unprecedented move, President Donald Trump has added insult to injury by handing the Israel/Palestine portfolio to his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Ask yourself: If you were a Palestinian, would you come to the peace table if the person moderating the talks was an inexperienced, mid-30s Jewish kid from New York? Besides, isn’t foreign policy the jurisdiction of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson? Where is he in this picture?

Now, adding even greater insult, Trump is threatening to end American aid to Palestinians if they don’t end their protests and come to the peace table. As if that money isn’t a drop in the bucket anyway compared to the $4 billion annually ($11 million daily) given to tiny Israel, a country with a population about one-fifth that of California. Incidentally, the aid given to Israel makes up about a quarter of our foreign aid budget. It’s insane!

Donald Trump, totally ignorant of the sensitivities in that troubled region, has become and embarrassing American bully.

M.J. Ogden

North Ogden

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