Is a university's top priority producing winning athletic teams?

Thursday , February 08, 2018 - 6:00 AM2 comments

What if one of Dr. Karen Bruestle’s vocal students at Weber State University — for the sake of gender equity, let’s consider this to be a young woman — in the first year following her graduation becomes a big hit at the Metropolitan Opera? Would Ogden hold a celebration in her honor? Would her name and picture displayed on public buses? Would her name be highlighted whenever she hits a high C?

What if the Visual Arts Center hires a new director? Would this be front-page news?

One gets the impression that the No. 1 priority of a university is to produce winning athletic teams.

Food for thought.

I’m sure there are those who dismiss this as sour grapes. So let’s take it a step further. There are those among us who don’t hesitate to spend good money to see and hear someone yell into a microphone — the louder, the better. Some don’t think twice about spending hundreds of dollars to support underpaid millionaires who excel in hitting, throwing or kicking a spherical object, but grumble at being asked to pay a decent wage to men and women who risk their lives to assist us in dealing with misfortune or crime.

One can’t but ask where our priorities lie. Food for thought, or sour grapes?

Juergen Sass


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