Violence, killing won't end without a change of heart

Friday , February 16, 2018 - 6:00 AM1 comment

It’s senseless. It’s horrific. It’s tragic. It demonstrates the worst of humankind.

The latest school shooting in Florida leaves society struggling for understanding, politicians seeking advantage and families weeping, yet the problems remain.

It’s a gun issue! It’s a mental illness issue! It’s a policy issue! It’s a resource issue! With each accusation, the double standards echo across the world.

It is time we admit violence is not conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, black or white, straight or gay. Until we make this admission, these horrific events will continue.

Guns are killing tens of thousands each year. Abortions are killing hundreds of thousands each year. Guns are protected by the Constitution. Abortions are protected by the Supreme Court.

Oh, the hypocrisy from both sides! The use of guns to kill is wrong. The use of abortions to kill is wrong.

Banning guns, outlawing abortions, changing laws and adding laws does not and will not stop the killing. This is not a legislative enigma. If we want this to stop, we need to change the heart of humankind.

Why has this country strayed so far from God? Dismissal of a higher power can alleviate a guilt-ridden mind, but it doesn’t eliminate the evolution of evil. It proliferates it.

These issues are not political. They aren’t solved by legislative pen. To stop the violence, we must have a mighty change of heart; it must become our disposition to do no more evil, but to do good continually. Then, and only then, will this stop.

Steve Savage


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