Democratic Party recruiting candidates at all levels

Thursday , March 01, 2018 - 9:00 PM1 comment

The time to declare your candidacy is drawing near. A candidate running for office must file between March 9 and 5 p.m. March 15, 2018. I live in Weber County, and each year we have multiple races that go uncontested. I have had many people say they would like to run, but have no idea as to what they need to do. I would like to suggest that interested candidates look at some of the great online training resources available.

For example, the National Democratic Training Committee posted “30 Steps That a New Candidate Can Take in 30 Days to Set Up Their Campaign.” I like this series because it is doesn't assume the candidate has prior experience, and it doesn't talk down to the budding candidate.

If you need even more resources, has a newsletter filled with campaign strategies. You may also want to try a free subscription to “Governing” magazine, which provides articles about addressing community problems at all levels of city, county and state government and ways to motivate both elected and appointed leaders to govern more effectively.

Indivisible Ogden is working hard to make sure that our representatives are accessible and accountable to the people who elected them. It can be found on Facebook and it has focus groups for almost any issue.

Together, we can be the catalyst for better government, and I am dedicated to creating the big ideas that will move this mission forward. It is imperative that we build our bench of champions at all levels of government and that means training good people to be conscientious candidates.

If you have heard people say they would like to volunteer to promote their burning issues, please send them to me. I'm working with people in Weber County to recruit candidates for Utah House and Senate races, along with the local Box Elder, Weber, Morgan and Davis county races.

This November, the people of Utah need to see that the Democratic Party has a viable option for them at every level of government.

Kerry M. Wayne


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