Retired police officers, veterans could guard schools

Monday , March 05, 2018 - 3:44 PM

"We the people" are never going to give up guns, just like I will never surrender my pen! To quote the Second Amendment supporters "You'll pry our First Amendment rights out of my cold dead hands." So I understand your passion.

I have an idea on how to protect our students. Yes, our schools need to be constructed more securely, but until that happens why not guard the doors? Teachers should teach! Their job is hard enough; they don't need to worry about having guns in their classrooms.

One resource officer can't be everywhere at once. All outside doors need to be locked after the bell rings and permission should be required to enter. A program needs to be started to have a guard at the outside entrances to the school. Why not have "Grandpa/Grandma) Guards” — retired vets and police officers standing guard at the doors. They are the perfect candidates because they have the training to see the threat and take action.

I bet most of these persons would volunteer and not cost the overburdened education system a dime. They'd learn the names of the students and be able to interact and save their lives. We have crossing guards to protect our children when crossing the road. Why not protect them once they're in class?

I don't know where to go or who to talk to about this idea. I distrust politicians. I'm hoping someone who can make this happen reads this letter and will implement it.

I also hope every student who turns 18 before November registers to vote and votes! I was in the first generation to vote at 18 and have voted in every election since. The vote may not go my way, but by God I will always do my constitutional duty and vote!

And on that note, how many of "we the people" have actually read the Constitution? I have. What’s in there may shock and surprise you. There is so much more than the Bill of Rights, but that's all for another letter.

Carrie Cazier Kemp


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