Giving courts the power to confiscate anyone's guns is a bad idea

Thursday , March 01, 2018 - 5:00 AM3 comments

There has been a terrible tragedy In Florida. It must stop!

But legislation like that being proposed by Rep. Steve Handy, R-Layton, allowing someone to petition the courts to confiscate guns from a person who’s mentally ill, isn’t going to end it.

Giving the courts the authority to confiscate anyone’s guns is a bad plan. That type of power or authority can easily be perverted and used to try and take away law-abiding citizens’ guns.

But more important, it won’t solve the problem. If someone is bent on harming others, they will find a way. The young man in Florida could have just as easily made a bomb. Remember the Boston Marathon?

No bill thrown together hastily is going to help the situation at all, and those that would support it are fools and would be committing political suicide.

The system is supposed to identify those who are mentally unstable or have any type of criminal record and add them to a list. If it failed, then throwing more legislation at it won’t help. We need to fix it. We need to hold those who failed accountable. In the case of the Florida tragedy, the FBI and the local police failed. That’s what should be addressed.

How was this young man, who was known to law enforcement, allowed to purchase any gun, let alone buy an AR-15? Also, why didn’t the FBI or the local police department (both of whom had advance knowledge of the threat) take action to stop the young man before he acted?

It was reported that there was a campus police officer who was apparently outside the school. So how did he not see the young man and stop him from getting on campus, or from getting into the building, carrying an AR-15?

How is it that no member of the faculty or office staff saw him enter the building carrying the AR-15? You can’t conceal it in your pocket.

Rep. Handy, you can’t fix the problem by proposing some rushed legislation. We must act in order to fix what is broken.

Kenn Helzer


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