Trump is making America great again, as envisioned by the Founders

Friday , March 02, 2018 - 6:00 AM33 comments

My comments about the Feb. 20 letter, “Trump s possibly the worst president in history”:

1. Would it surprise anyone if the majority of people interviewed by William J. Ridings Jr. and Stuart B. McIver for their book “Rating the Presidents” were leftists?

2. Accomplishments and their impacts on our country and the people are the most important category, which starts with a vision. Should it be making America great again, based on the vision and principles used by our Founders, or “fundamentally changing” America based on a flawed ideology that has failed wherever it’s been tried? Many of President Donald Trump’s accomplishments involve fixing America and the rest of the world due to previous applications of this failed ideology.

3. Trump is delivering in spite of the daily attacks on him by the leftist media, the deep state, and others:

a. Judicial appointments. Putting in conservative judges who’ll read from the Constitution, not “into” it.

b. Crushing ISIS. ISIS has lost over 95 percent of its territory.

c. Tax cuts. This means more capital flooding back into the economy, creating more jobs for Americans.

d. Massive deregulation.

e. Axing the Trans Pacific Partnership. This was nothing more than a wealth redistribution scheme disguised as a trade deal that would have eroded job growth and creation.

f. Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Trump showed conviction and moral clarity by recognizing the capital of Israel since 1948.

g. Removing America from the Paris Climate Accord. Here was another wealth transfer scheme that was based on questionable science with little effect on the climate, if any.

h. Decertifying the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal. He did this in the face of blatant violations and threats from this rogue regime.

i. Destroying leftist media. He has called attention to the fact that most of the mainstream media has become an attack dog for one political party, not a watchdog for the people.

4. Best or worst president? It depends on what is envisioned for America — greatness in line with the Founders’ vision, or ultimate failure as history has shown too many times.

Gerald J. Boyum


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