N. Ogden amphitheater will be a venue other communities can only dream of

Tuesday , March 06, 2018 - 6:00 AM

With growth comes change, and growing pains are often part of the process. It’s not uncommon for long-range community projects to be challenged by homeowners who become new neighbors to the project. As a result, long-planned projects often progress slowly. Small communities, such as North Ogden, seldom have the funds to fulfill community projects at once and must complete projects in several phases. Such is the case with Barker Park.

A large, man-made berm encircles the south side of Barker Park, visually separating nearby houses from the now grassy amphitheater with an out-of-sight cement stage below. The first phase of the amphitheater stage was built next to a dry streambed and is surrounded by the berm, which provides seating for families during shows on the stage below. This amphitheater was planned from the very beginning and has been enjoyed by the North Ogden community for nearly two decades.

A small parking area with the ability to be enlarged was first developed at the entrance of the amphitheater, along with a public restroom and small playground. Both playground and bathrooms were provided at the entrance of the amphitheater and co-exist within a harmonious plan agreed upon nearly two decades ago by the Barkers, community residents and local leaders. Now that the city, after years of planning and waiting, can afford to finalize this beautiful outdoor public facility and enhance its use, a few are determined to halt its completion. The time to challenge this long-established plan and the public funds devoted to it is long past.

Barker Park differs from other North Ogden parks, and rightfully so. It offers a venue other small communities can only dream of — a Greek or Elizabethan amphitheater in a park setting. Newcomers should join in on North Ogden’s future park enhancement planning and become a positive force. 

Don Muno

North Ogden

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