Hollywood should make enlightening and uplifting movies

Thursday , March 08, 2018 - 9:00 PM4 comments

Thank you! I do not always agree with the editorial cartoons, but Monday’s was right on!

We do not watch the Oscars and we do not go to the movies. Right after the evening news Sunday night, I saw a commercial for another violent movie. Violent video games and movies filled with violence and sexual behaviors are so prevalent – the R rating is for Repugnant!

I cannot believe the recent movement against the sexual harassment is because the actions of some have just been recognized. The behavior was tolerated for years until it became politically and socially expedient to create another way to draw attention! I am sure many young people in many areas of trying to succeed have been destroyed by dominating, arrogant destructive behaviors of those in trusted positions. I believe there is a large amount of abuse of female as well as male. I am saddened when I hear of those who have been severely hurt by vile perpetrators.

Because most of us are intelligent, mature members of society, we need to work together to stop such vile behaviors — in quiet, everyday ways, starting with ourselves, our families and our friends, and then reaching out to provide good environments and activities for our youth, our families and our friends.

There can be good movies. There are many subjects that can be enlightening and uplifting. As a society, we should demand the best, not the repugnant.

Again, your editorial cartoon was right on the mark.

Hope Welch

North Salt Lake

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