Snowbasin needs to add more parking

Friday , March 09, 2018 - 6:30 AM3 comments

Snowbasin seems to have missed the point on the insane traffic issue it currently has (”Traffic piles up along with powder at Snowbasin resort; operators explain options,” March 3). It admits parking on the road is bad and illegal, but offers no other place to park.

There is no talk of additional parking areas. So where do you park when all the lots are full, which is a common problem? You park on the road, of course, or you just go home, as many do.

This year is a very low snow year, yet Snowbasin admits traffic is bad. Snowbasin says traffic only gets bad on snowy days. There statements lack any sign of intelligence.

It needs more parking, or it needs to sell about as third as many season passes.

Dennis Maher


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