GOP is a one-ring circus with a delusional ringmaster

Wednesday , March 14, 2018 - 6:00 AM8 comments

I returned a Republican survey uncompleted. I once had some respect for the party. That has been eviscerated by the man selected to lead the GOP and by Congress with its lack of disaster recognition.

The president in almost every respect is a liar or he allows distortions and petty grievances to ebb and flow from his administration unchallenged. He is also enriching himself at the expense of people who voted for him. What does it matter what he promises? All he really contributes are tweets and a gross signature on documents of dubious value; he is a creature built of money.

Congress authored and passed a tax program regardless of its negative impact on future Americans. The truly sad part is so few Republicans have little real acquaintance with this bill and ignore any and all studies of its impact on our children's debt.

On the world stage, President Trump is an embarrassment. The Mueller investigation will send Trump back to his hotel, to his Russian oligarch friends and to Vladimir Putin, whom he reveres. Congress now is a one-ring GOP circus with a pathetic and delusional ringmaster.

J.R. Forrest


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