Speed limits on I-15 are pointless if they're not enforced

Monday , May 14, 2018 - 4:32 PM

It has become obvious to me that most drivers on Interstate 15 along the Wasatch Front do not believe in the speed limits as posted, or at least they don't care to obey them. If the speed limit is posted at 70 mph, every driver around me seems to be doing 80 or higher — that is, until they see a Utah highway patrolman ahead with someone pulled over. Then all of a sudden they start slowing down until they pass the flashing lights. Then it is pedal to the metal again.

I rarely try to use the HOV lane because it is insane. There seems to be an unwritten law that the lane is for high velocity instead of high occupancy. I have tried driving in the HOV lane several times, but I end up having to drive at 75 mph or higher to avoid a backup of many vehicles behind me. Also, the double white lines are meaningless to many of these drivers. They just go out around me if I am not going fast enough.

People tell me that it is safer to go with the flow and not be an obstacle on the highway. I believe that is true; however, the flow should never exceed the speed limits as posted.

Perhaps posting the speed limits should be abolished if the UHP can't do a better job at controlling speeds on our highways. The Autobahn in Germany is an example of this idea. The limits are not posted but do exist; they just aren't enforced unless someone causes an accident.

I have always understood that most people in Utah believe in observing the law. But you certainly couldn't prove it to me out on the highway!

Jim Yarman


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