Barker Park doesn't need amphitheater

Saturday , June 23, 2018 - 12:00 AM1 comment

I applaud the couples who sued over the amphitheater. I hope they appeal. The Barkers must be turning over in their graves at the planned commercialization of the park.

With the Amphitheater and parking there will be no park left. An almost $700 K upgrade is planned. An amphitheater is fine just not in a residential area on a winding two lane road. What were they thinking?

I hear it’s a mob scene on 4th of July with parking everywhere. The city wants people all over to come. I don’t as it will raise our crime rate.

Isn’t it strange the city council appointed a guy named Barker to the city council.

A better place for the amphitheater would be off Washington Boulevard, which is zoned commercial. It is better suited for crowds, noise and traffic.

Mary A. Carter

North Ogden

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