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Trump is promoting hate and fear, and Republicans love it

Trump Muslims May Tweet

Early Wednesday morning, Trump was up retweeting anti-Muslim videos originating from an ultra- right Nazi-leaning party in Britain. Most suggest these videos are either staged or fake. His 44 million followers on Twitter are eating this up. Republicans have hit a new low cheering on Trump while he...


What the world needs now is love, not hate

Confederate Monuments Protest

It only takes a moment to watch the evening news and see the hatred that exists in the world. In a generation where four-letter words are commonplace in almost every facet of life, so is the four-letter word “hate.” Many of humanity’s actions have a root cause in hatred and it has...


Second Amendment was written for a different time

AP Poll Gun Laws-1

I often wonder how the Second Amendment might have been worded in 1791 if our founding fathers could have looked into a crystal ball to see modern guns and how easily they are acquired by almost any mentally unbalanced individual, as well as “normal” people who sometimes can’t...


Liberals are marching in the streets, demanding socialism

AP Explains Robert E Lee

President Trump pulled out of the Paris climate pact because it required the U.S. to reduce its emissions by half while allowing China to double its emissions of and India to increase its emissions by nine times. Get it? Liberals believe owning a firearm is a sign of mental illness and say guns...


Why the sudden surge in sexual misconduct accusations?

Alabama Senate Moore-8

The current surge, perhaps a tsunami, of allegations of sexual misconduct causes me to wonder if we are on the verge of a moral reformation or an endless chain of revelations of bad behavior. The floodgates have burst and women are coming forward with stories of sexual abuse in Congress, the media...


We should be following the military's lead on fossil fuels

Hill F-35s deploy overseas for second time

During a recent Citizens’ Climate Lobby monthly meeting, retired United States Air Force Maj. Gen. Rick Devereaux outlined some of the efforts our military is taking to reduce fossil fuel consumption on the front lines. Did you know it costs over $400 per gallon of fuel delivered to the...


Expect to see a case of Casablanca Syndrome from Trump, Republicans


If President Trump is able to sign the proposed GOP tax bill adding $1.5 trillion to the national debt over 10 years, before the ink is dry, Republicans will develop a case of Casablanca Syndrome. Republicans will be "shocked, shocked" that the deficit is so high, and something has to be done about...


Who will really pay for the Republican tax cut?

Tax Plan State Deduction

The poor and middle class are on track to be exposed to the greatest tax fraud in many years. Donald Trump and the Republican leadership have repeatedly said their reform proposal is focused primarily on tax cuts for the middle class. To most tax experts it’s nothing of the sort. It’s a...


God will solve all our problems in his own time

Alabama Senate Moore Support-1

This is my response to Steve Chapman’s Nov. 19 column, “No, Roy Moore, God won’t solve our problems.” If not God, then who or what will solve our problems? All belief systems have a foundation or ultimate authority that must be accepted on faith. This foundation is the...


Grandparenting journey was tough, but worth it

SW 101417 Grandfamilies Program 02

In regard to grandparents, grandparenting is as important as being a parent (”Grandfamilies program fights symptoms of opioid epidemic,” Nov. 5 Standard-Examiner). Unfortunately, some grandparents are still kids themselves. Sad, yet true. Some parents also are kids. They are either too...

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