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Pedestrians need to be cited for crossing against a red light

Don't Walk

Something which I have observed is how pedestrians have crossed the roads against the “don’t walk” signal. Might I ask why? Isn’t this just as illegal as driving a vehicle through a red light? I’d say it is. Of course it is. Motorists get cited for driving through...


Differences between Utah, Canadian weddings are remarkable

My husband and I just returned from a family wedding in Calgary. Cultural differences between weddings here and there are striking. Here we stand in interminably long lines waiting to shake hands with and congratulate the bride and groom and make superficial conversation with bridesmaids/groomsmen...


Force credit bureaus to let consumers freeze, unfreeze accounts without charge

Congress Equifax Data Breach

I am appalled at the cavalier way Equifax has treated our personal information during its recent security breach. I am angry that I now have to pay each of the credit reporting bureaus to freeze my account and then again to unfreeze it when I need more credit. Even when requesting to pay for a...


Trump was elected to be everyone's president

Trump Infrastructure

It seems the person who is in the office of president of the United States is only there as an act on a TV show. Either he has no clue as to what people are protesting or he is a far-right racist/birther who conned his way into the highest office in our country. Donald Trump needs to grow up and...


Bring back the draft and start with NFL players

49ers Cardinals Football

I'm an Army veteran, having served over 20 years, and the failure of football players to recognize the national anthem and flag is extremely saddening. The flag is the very symbol of their freedoms. What kind of an example are they setting for the younger generation that looks up to them, and for...


Reader disgusted that Trump would call football players SOBs

Trump Strange Politics

I recently heard President Trump tell the owners of the NFL teams whose players “took a knee” to get those SOBs out of there and fire them. To me, this meant that he just called them sons of bitches. In others words, sons of dogs. A gross insult to their mothers. In a recent get-...


America needs to take a stand for the innocent, expand background checks

Las Vegas Shooting

The recent shooting in Las Vegas shows the strength and good will of Americans and our continued willingness to come together and help others in a crisis. However, what confuses me is that after these shootings, nothing changes, except there is an increase in gun sales. I realize the strong...


All will benefit from passage of Ogden school bond

Horace Mann Elementary Rendering

I write in full support of the Ogden School District bond election. After studying the issues, I am convinced that the building and remodeling proposed will contribute to the future of Ogden school students. All of my children and several of my grandchildren have attended or are attending Ogden...


Vital schools are the lifeblood of a community

Polk Elementary Rebuild Rendering

Ogden will have an opportunity to vote on a school bond in the amount of $106.5 million to build new schools in our community. As a parent who had five children go through Ogden City schools, I strongly urge you to consider the advantages of investing in our children and our community. The bond is...


Veteran supports those protesting racial inequality

Broncos Bills Football Protest

As basketball season at Weber State University approaches, I wonder what I’ll do when the national anthem is played: stand, sit or kneel. I consider myself a patriot. I served in the Army as a flight surgeon, I vote, I get a lump in my throat when “The Star-Spangled Banner” is...

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