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Reader thankful the Utah Legislature was only in session 45 days

Lead BZ 123016 Zion Curtain 01-2

Thank you, Utah Legislature. You only had 45 days to make me feel good, and this is what happened: 1. You lowered the legal blood alcohol limit to .05. Better watch what’s in your mouthwash. 2. You got rid of Zion Curtains, but only if there’s a Mormon Moat. And you raised the price of...


Women, if you don't have sex, you'll never need contraceptives

Supreme Court Birth Control

Am I the only woman infuriated by being forced to pay for women's irresponsible sexual activities? No one should be forced to pay for a woman's abortion or contraception devices. Don't have sex! You will never need a contraceptive or an abortion. Kay Combe Pleasant View


America has become a sad place ruled by a tweeting egomaniac

Trump cabinet

Suppose you awoke Jan. 20, 2017, with no knowledge of our country’s past or its governing principles. What would be the America you discover between then and now? It is led by men from the military and men of very great wealth – perhaps it is a military oligarchy. Several of those...


Taxpayers shouldn't be footing the bill for Trump's weekly trips to Florida

Trump 3-13-17

I just wish President Donald Trump would pick a place, either Washington, D.C., or Florida, and stay there. This jumping on a plane very weekend to go to Florida at the tune of $3 million dollars, which we are paying for, has to stop. I really think Trump should go to Florida on his own dime. Let's...


Chaffetz, Utah Republicans keep sinking lower

Attorney General Russia-2 Chaffetz

It was not surprising to hear U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, proclaim his interest in investigating a former Democratic president for wrongdoing when he could be looking into the alleged malfeasance committed by a Republican president who is endorsed by the Kremlin and the KKK. Just when I think...


Trump surrounds himself with inexperienced people who prefer alternative facts

Trump-1 Golf Course


Democrats need to work with Trump, make America great again

APTOPIX Trump Speech points

I watched President Trump’s address to Congress. I was impressed with his candor and encouraged by his vision for this great country. The president is doing what he said he would do. He also extended an olive branch toward the Democrats. He wants them to team up with us Republicans, and...


Demand that Sessions appoint a special counsel to probe Trump's ties to Russia

Trump 3-9-17

It is imperative that we continue to work at securing the blessings of liberty. To that end, I encourage everyone to call the Department of Justice at 202-353-1555 and request that Attorney General Jeff Sessions appoint a special counsel to investigate President Donald Trump's ties to Russia and...


More thoughts on BS, from a self-described BS'er


I am one of those “Knuckleheads at a restaurant,” as Larry Bennington so poetically put it in his Feb. 27 letter (People need to fine-tune their BS detectors, because it’s everywhere”). I would like to thank Larry for letting my wife and me read his letter, which he...


If we don't unite, the terrorists win

China Trump Trademarks-1

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