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Young fan wants Jazz star Gordon Hayward to stay in Utah

APTOPIX Jazz Clippers Basketball-12 Hayward

I am 12 years old, and I enjoyed the last Utah Jazz basketball season for many reasons. A lot of them involved jaw-dropping shots from Gordon Hayward. I remember watching the Jazz taking over Round 1 in the playoffs by defeating the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 7. So I really hope the Jazz will...


Thief who's stealing plants from cemetery has no conscience

Headstones in a cemetery

To the person who is stealing from North Ogden Cemetery — I hope you feel good about going up to the graves and stealing the plants that don't belong to you, but I would guess you have no conscience. You must have a beautiful yard by now, seeing that this is the second year you have done this....


Rezoning from commercial to residential in Pleasant View would be a mistake

Pleasant View logo

The Pleasant View City Council is scheduled to vote Tuesday, June 13, on whether to change the zoning for the northwest corner of 600 W (Shady Lane) and 2700 N from commercial to high density residential. Mayor Toby Mileski and council members Jerold Burns and Steve Gibson have expressed support...


No, our founding documents don't establish America as a Christian nation


In a recent letter, J. Juan Spillett claimed that our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and that unless we returned to God we were doomed (”America must return to God in order to become great again,” June 1). Such baseless assertions have to be challenged. I’m...


Winder has been an outstanding sheriff for Salt Lake County

Sheriff Stepping Down-2 Winder

It was with regret that my wife and I learned of Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder's decision to leave his position and take on a new job as police chief of Moab. I'm a retired law enforcement officer and have known and had great respect for Sheriff Winder and his late father, federal district...


Speak up for the things you value; become an activist

Legislature Session Utah-8

We, the people of Utah, have lost control over our elected state representatives. They hold closed-door meetings, write laws and pass them without floor debate. They give our tax money to California to build a coal portal when we have only two working coal mines in Utah. They won’t fund our...


Get smart about the environment. Join the Citizens' Climate Lobby

Trump Climate Paris announcment

It was short notice, but we managed to get about a dozen people at the Logan Courthouse on Saturday, June 3, to protest President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. We got coal-rolled, of course, and one assault that actually hurt was this hopped-up car that must have put out...


If Utah's growth continues unchecked, we'll run out of water

BZ Best of February 13-12

Regarding Rep. Stephen Handy's piece on the Bear River Project: I agree with Steve, and I'm glad to hear him say that nobody wants the Bear dammed up (”No one wants to build the Bear River Project, but it needs to be an option,” June 6). The trick, of course, is to have policy makers...


Kathy Griffin and Ted Nugent are equally wrong

Trump Kathy Griffin-4

As a civilized society, what do we gain by attempting to whitewash bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior? All bad behavior is wrong and judged by degree of deed, not media coverage. If we value life, we should condemn ISIS terrorists for beheading their own people, Christians and Americans,...


If there is corruption in the executive branch, let's weed it out

Comey Key Moments

Like many of you, I battle bindweed every summer. It’s a relentless thing, always growing and sneaking into my garden. It would bind up and choke my plants if I stopped weeding it out. Corruption, lies, and lack of good principles in our politics and in our society are like bindweed. I...

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