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Sunset residents need to rally on behalf of their fire department

Sunset fire department

The Sunset City Council is preparing to vote on a decision to close the Sunset City Fire Department. Council members have not been very transparent in their deliberations and discussions on this issue. Most Sunset residents haven’t heard about this decision because it has not been reported...


Mussel infestation threatens Pineview Reservoir

BS 080116 Free Beach 07-1 Pineview

As an Ogden Valley resident who has been watching Pineview Reservoir fill up for the last few weeks, and now with warmer weather, I, like many others, am looking forward to using the reservoir for its beaches, for paddling and for boating. Unfortunately, with this anticipation of summer recreation...


Remember mom on Mother's Day — and every day

Mother's day concept, Best Mom written on chalkboard with flowers and petals on wooden background

She took her last breath that April morning in bed at Saddleback Women’s Hospital. Her pain had become unbearable. The doctor was consulted and was asked two questions: Could she be given stronger pain medicine and what were the chances of her recovering? Winifred (Winnie) was a month short...


Utah is a beautiful state. People need to stop trashing it, especially on I-15

MH 121516 HAFB Traffic 02-1

Hey, Northern Utah! Are you missing a red bumper, a silver bumper, rocking chair, white tailgate, shoes, buckets, full tires, retreads, a blue ball, large black tarp, kid’s coat or a roll of white plastic wrap? If so, they can be found along Interstate 15 between Willard and Layton. You can...


City needs to check traffic signal on 24th Street

street light

I believe there may be a malfunction in an Ogden traffic signal. On Wednesday, April 19, I was driving westbound on 24th Street. When the signal facing me went to yellow, I was too close to the intersection to stop safely. A pedestrian began to cross my path southward. I depressed my brake pedal to...


Utahns invited to "A More Perfect Union Constitution Rally"

Utah State Capitol Building, Salt Lake City

A couple months ago an idea for a rally popped in my mind and wouldn't leave me alone. Perhaps it came from the realization that liberty is being threatened both by outside forces and infighting among citizens. I am not your typical rally girl. I'm a mother who enjoys her children, loves America...


Any reduction of Bears Ears National Monument is unacceptable

Zinke National Monuments-6

Recently, after meeting with Sen. Orrin Hatch and Rep. Jason Chaffetz, President Donald Trump ordered a review of national monuments created since 1996. In so doing he made little attempt to conceal his belief that Bears Ears is an unwarranted “federal land grab” that should have never...


Trump apologist is blind to the president's shortcomings

Trump Lincoln

Apologist John Reynolds is at it again (“Trump is right — nobody cares about about his tax returns,” April 26). In his eyes, Republicans can do no wrong, while anything Democratic is of the devil. He's unwilling to see the stumbles of Obamacare are mainly caused by Republican...


Trump administration is cherry-picking facts

Trump Religion-1

In the Bloomberg View editorial published April 29, 2017, by the Standard-Examiner, the statement was made that “…the administration has an obligation to deal with the facts as they are, not resort to bogus claims designed to exploit fear and incite anger” (“Trump's false...


Send Mexican criminals to Mexican jails

Immigration Enforcement ICE

I am a veteran who served our country in World War II. I am also 90 years of age and still patiently waiting for America to become great again. May I present the following comment and suggestions regarding President Donald Trump’s immigration policies? I agree with the president that 100...

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