Tesla makes 5,000 Model 3s per week, but can it continue?

Tesla Production

DETROIT (AP) — Tesla Inc. made 5,031 lower-priced Model 3 electric cars during the last week of June, surpassing its often-missed goal of 5,000 per week. But the company still only managed to crank out an average of 2,198 per week for the quarter. Tesla reported making 28,578 Model 3s from April...


How to profit from someone else's financial mistake

NerdWallet Liz Weston Profit Financial Mistakes

Most of us have wasted money on ill-considered purchases or stuff we really couldn’t afford. As we get more financially savvy, that happens less often. But we can still profit from other people’s bad choices. People who prize the latest and greatest, for example, quickly need to upgrade to the next...


Dior celebrates the atelier, draws celebs to Paris couture

Paris Fashion Dior

PARIS (AP) — Guests including Katie Holmes and Kate Bosworth were taken deep inside the inner workings of Christian Dior for the French brand’s nostalgic couture display that celebrated the artistry of the atelier. Hundreds of retro busts and mannequins in unfinished-looking white gowns flanked the...


The secret to keeping chicken moist on the grill is brine

Food Column ATK Barbecued Pulled Chicken

Barbecuing is the perfect method for cooking fatty cuts of pork or beef, but relatively lean chicken is another story. For barbecued pulled chicken with a smoky flavor and moist, tender meat, we’d have to come up with some tricks. Brining the birds kept the white meat moist and juicy, and arranging...


TSA going through busiest period ever at US airports

TSA just missed a record for the number of people screened at airport checkpoints as the July 4 holiday travel period started with a bang. The Transportation Security Administration said Monday that it screened about 2.68 million passengers and airline crew members on Friday. That’s the second-...


This summer, drink your vinegar as part of a delicious shrub

Food Column American Table Rhubarb Shrub

When I picked up my Community Supported Agriculture box at Amber Waves Farm a few days ago, I was invited to take a bunch of rhubarb. It was beautiful and about 3 feet long. I had never seen such pretty or long stalks of rhubarb before, so I took it but I had no idea what I was going to do with it....


A cookie maybe better than a 'smore and without the campfire

Food Column ATK Smores Blossom Cookies

S’mores may conjure memories of warm nights and sleep-away camp, but it doesn’t need to be summertime to capture the flavors of this treat; the combination of wheaty graham crackers, rich chocolate, and sweet, gooey toasted marshmallow is good any time of year. We wanted to package s’mores into a...


This gazpacho shines after a sherry vinegar marinade bath

Food Column ATK Classic Gazpacho

Hand-cut vegetables marinated in seasoned vinegar are the key to this stellar gazpacho. Chopping the vegetables by hand ensured they retained their color and firm texture. Letting them sit briefly in a sherry vinegar marinade guaranteed well-seasoned vegetables, while a combination of tomato juice...


SoftBank invests in 'handy Japan' hotel technology service

Japan Softbank handy Japan

TOKYO (AP) — Japanese technology conglomerate SoftBank is investing in a mobile device service for hotel guests, called handy Japan, offering tourist spot information and internet access. Terms of the deal, announced Monday, were not disclosed. Handy, developed by Hong Kong-based Tink Labs, is...


Professor Fiona? Famous baby hippo an educational force

Premature Hippo Teaching

CINCINNATI (AP) — Just call her Professor Fiona. The Cincinnati Zoo’s famous premature baby hippo does more than delight social media fans and help sell a wide range of merchandise. She’s also an educational and literary force, heroine of a half-dozen books so far and a popular subject for library...

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