Motorcycle accident kills father of boy hero

Wednesday , August 06, 2014 - 12:00 AM

Standard-Examiner corresponden

ROY -- Last year, C.J. Saulsgiver helped save his mother's life after she suffered a heart attack at home.

Now the 13-year-old is supporting his mother again after a motorcycle accident took the life of his father last week.

George "Doc" Saulsgiver was on his way home early Thursday when his motorcycle crashed, said his daughter Donna Ryan.

"He was up over the 24th Street viaduct and they think he may have taken the curve too fast," Ryan said. "He crashed and he and his bike were both thrown onto the railroad tracks. He was killed instantly."

The 56-year-old father of five had a huge heart and always put his family first, Ryan said, and often expressed his gratitude to C.J. for saving his mother's life.

Last spring, C.J. arrived home from school with a friend when he heard his mother faintly call his name from upstairs. When he ran to see what was going on, he said her face was bright purple and her hands were swollen. Then she collapsed and stopped breathing.

C.J. had just been certified to perform CPR, so after calling 911 he started chest compressions and resuscitation until further help arrived.

He received a Roy firefighter badge, T-shirt and plaque for his heroic efforts.

At the time, his father expressed how proud he was of his son for his lifesaving efforts.

“To keep his mother alive while keeping it together emotionally, it’s just amazing,” he said during a press conference. “Because of what he did, she is still alive and with us today.”

Now C.J. has stepped in to help his mother cope with another tragedy.

"C.J. is really staying strong through all of this," Ryan said. "Everyone is in shock, but he is really staying strong for her and helping her once again. He's an awesome kid."

A celebration of life will be held this weekend for Saulsgiver.

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