Police, pastors host active shooter training for local churches

BZ 120517 Church Safety 01

After seeing news of recent mass shootings in Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Texas, Pastor Fred Lopez of Ogden’s Hope Resurrected Church decided to be proactive.


Understanding 50-inch ATV gates

ATV gate

The variety of ATV trails available to ride in Utah has been the subject of this column for the past 13 years. Some of that variety is reflected in the width of the trails. So what about those 50-inch gates? Trail restrictions exist for different reasons depending on the particular trail. To better...


Sunday's snowfall brings opening day for Snowbasin, Nordic Valley resorts

Lead BZ 120116 Snowbasin 01

Recent snowfall has made it possible for some local resorts to open this week.


Jason Tonioli teams with Irish vocalists for seventh CD

Jason Tonioli of Hooper has released his seventh album

Recording sessions with Jason Tonioli during a visit by three Irish singers last summer has resulted in a new CD and two more to come. 


'Stranger Things' so much more than sci-fi

Action Hero Girls

I’ve always been a sucker for films made and set in the ’80s. Growing up, I rooted for Daniel in “The Karate Kid,” wished I had missed school with Ferris in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” and rewound the ending scene of “Dirty Dancing” more times...


Vikings and tigers and bears, oh my!

TX. Mascots

Sometimes it’s an animal, sometimes a specific type of person, and sometimes the name seems a little odd, but we all know and love our high school mascots. From warriors to tigers, these well-known faces play an important role in a high school’s identity. What exactly is a mascot? Well,...


Bottom Line trivia

TX. Aardvark

A native of Africa, the aardvark — or “earth pig” — uses its long and sticky tongue to eat termites.    


The TX. 10: Worst bones to break

TX. Broken bones

1. Femur 2. Spine 3. Skull 4. Wrist 5. Hip 6. Collarbone 7. Ankle 8. Pelvis 9. Tailbone 10. Jaw — London Maynard, Bear River High 


Live Nativity set for Dec. 20-23 this year

Live Nativity performed at the Golden Spike Event Center

The family has faith that enough money will be raised to sponsor the event, even without the county backing it had before.


Ogden River Brewing coming this summer at historic Becker beer plant site

SW 112217 Pat Winslow Ogden Brewery 01

Pat Winslow is channeling his passion for beer and a wave of local support into a new brewery called Ogden River Brewing.

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