Huntsville one of TripAdvisor's best places to travel for savings in December

Tuesday , December 06, 2016 - 1:41 PM4 comments

JESSICA KOKESH, Standard-Examiner Staff

Huntsville has been named one of TripAdvisor’s 12 best places to travel in December for big savings

TripAdvisor analyzed the average cost for a weeklong stay in a two-bedroom property during December 2016, and found that travelers would spend an average of $2,001 a week for a rental property in Huntsville versus $4,032 a week for a similar property in Park City

“Historic mining town Park City attracts the country’s top skiers and snowboarders, so it’s no surprise that this popular destination isn’t necessarily a bargain getaway spot come December,” TripAdvisor writes. “Huntsville, home to Snowbasin Ski Resort, is a restful change of pace from the buzz of Park City.”

Interested in skiing outside of Utah? TripAdvisor recommends staying in Silver Star, British Columbia, for $1,570 a week and Granby, Colo., for $2,079 a week over more expensive cities in the same area. 

For those who want to break out the swimsuits instead of the skis in December, visiting Key Largo, Fla., over Key West, Fla., could save travelers $983. 

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