Layton City offers free WiFi at parks

Thursday , July 02, 2015 - 8:40 AM

Standard-Examiner correspondent

LAYTON – Free public WiFi is available at all city parks in Layton.

Layton Lightspeed network connections are popping up all over the city connecting with UTOPIA’s fiber optic network. Any device, smartphone, tablet, or laptop, can now connect completely free over the city’s WiFi at any public park. Simply look for the sign stating the location offers “Layton Lightspeed WiFi. Powered by UTOPIA. Provided by Layton city.”

Ed Frazier, Information Technology Manager for Layton city, explained the public’s reaction to the free WiFi as “only positive.” Layton city administration presented the project in 2014 in connection with the Internet Service Provider UTOPIA laying fiber optic cables in the city.

“When we have big events we can track the number of people who are using it,” Frazier said. He cites the high user traffic on the networks as one of the evidences of the project’s success.

The WiFi does not saturate every acre in the parks, but every city park has the Layton Lightspeed network connection available.

UTOPIA is a Utah based telecommunication open infrastructure agency. The company lists Layton as third in top areas served with more than 25 thousand users. Only Orem, with more than 53 thousand users, and Salt Lake City, with more than 93 thousand users, list more people on the Utopia network than Layton.

In connection with expanding fiber optics in the area and the expansion of data services, Layton city feels “there is a growing need for high-speed telecommunication”.The city released a statement explaining the movement forward with UTOPIA: “Layton City is committed to bringing UTOPIA fiber optic cable to residents and businesses alike; assuring that 20th century technology infrastructure receives a 21st century upgrade.From Layton City’s perspective, fiber is the future.”

“It (the public WiFi network) has been very well received by the public who use it,” Frazier said. The city hopes to continue to benefit from initiatives to advance access technology in the city.

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