Live Hannah's Hope strives to empower youth, prevent suicide

Thursday , December 03, 2015 - 10:29 AM

This is the second in a 25-part series, 25 Days of Giving, that features one-minute videos on Northern Utah non-profit agencies during the month of December. 

What is the name of your organization? Live Hannah’s Hope – Empowering Youth

What do you do? Suicide is an epidemic. The culture of shame that impedes the critical discussion of emotional and mental illness among our youth has to change. 

Let's talk about it. It's time for a new discussion. Shame leads to isolation. Isolation feeds hopelessness. Hopelessness is the basis for suicide. Talking leads to connection. Connection creates hope. Learning healthy thought process and self-awareness leads to productive lives.


Live Hannah's Hope exists to empower youth and reduce suicide through research, education, awareness, and advocacy. We identify and offer healthy spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental living practices needed to lead fulfilling productive lives; we provide financial assistance for proper mental and behavioral health diagnosis and treatment; and we identify emerging promising practices.

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We are currently interested in partnering with a local business in order to have a site for the classes we offer.

You should volunteer for this program if ... You have a desire to be involved in youth empowerment. We need skilled behavioral health professionals who are willing to donate their time. We need youth and or adults who have social media skills. Youth and adult citizen leaders to sponsor classes in their home, business, or church on the effects of teen brains on technology, shame vs guilt, concussion matters, or a SafeTalk class.

We partner with a local behavioral health professional offering 8 week group therapy for teens. It’s a dynamic program designed to build resilience and teach effective coping methods. We supplement teens who can’t afford the cost. Donations would be greatly appreciated. We also provide funding for youth to get proper diagnosis and treatment if needed.

How can people help? Be open to children suffering with anxiety or other mental challenges. Understand that concussions are at the base of many of these situations. We have medical, non-drug based solutions that are working. Be open to the possibility of mental illness that might require the responsible use of drugs once fully and properly diagnosed. If you are living with or have overcome mental or emotional challenges, please share your story anonymously on our website.

Simply hearing how others have dealt with these challenges can help someone to live. We’d love help at events. We need money. We are not a big corporation. No salaries are paid. All monies donated are used to support our programs. If you have an idea for fundraisers that you would enjoy supporting, please send us your ideas!

How can you reach us? Our website is Sign up for our newsletter to receive up to date news. Email us from the website and use “I want to help” in the subject line. We are on Facebook and Twitter at @livehannahshope. We use the all kinds of hashtags which you can find on the website. 

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