Smith & Edwards gun sale and auction 2017: Get ready by guessing the gun

Wednesday , January 11, 2017 - 12:00 AM


If you call yourself a history buff, a gun aficionado or you're a really good guesser, now is the chance to put your knowledge (or luck) to the test.

Can you name the make, model and year of the firearm pictured above? (Need some hints? Check on the photos from Monday and Tuesday)

If you think you know it, fill out the form below with your guess and a valid email. If you get it right, your email will be entered automatically into a drawing for one of two prizes from Smith & Edwards. (Prizes TBA).

One photo will be posted every day and a total of five guns will be featured.

  • Gun 1 photos will be posted Jan. 9-11
  • Gun 2 photos will be posted Jan. 12-14
  • Gun 3 photos will be posted Jan. 16-18
  • Gun 4 photos will be posted Jan. 19-21
  • Gun 5 photos will be posted Jan. 23-26

Winners will be announced 8 a.m. Friday, Jan. 27 before the official 9 a.m. open of the Smith & Edwards annual gun sale and auction, held at 3936 N. 2000 West, Farr West.

The gun auction starts at noon Saturday, Jan. 27. The auction features, among other items, the famous Mystery Safe — a gun safe filled with thousands of dollars in ammo, firearms and equipment available for bidding. 

Leave your best guess and your email in the form below. Must be 21 to enter and/or win.

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