Ogden-Clearfield area named Forbes’ top 15 fastest-growing US cities of 2017

Monday , June 05, 2017 - 2:27 PM1 comment

MAKENZIE KOCH/Standard-Examiner Staff

The Ogden-Clearfield area is taking big strides when it comes to economic output and job growth, and that growth placed the area in the top 15 fastest-growing cities in the United States for 2017, according to Forbes.

Utah had three metro areas listed in the top 15, but Florida dominated Forbes’ list with nine metro areas in the top 25 — six of which were in the top 10.

The Ogden-Clearfield area was ranked 13th, thanks to its high economic output growth and high job growth in 2016. Salt Lake City ranked 10th after receiving one of the highest projected job growths for 2017. The Provo-Orem area took third after it had the highest economic output growth in 2016, the highest wage growth in 2016 and the highest projected wage growth in 2017. 

Florida’s Cape Coral-Fort Myers metro area took the No. 1 spot because it had the highest population growth in the country in 2016 and is predicted to have the highest population growth again in 2017. The Florida metro area is also expected to have the highest job growth and highest economic output growth in 2017. 

Forbes’ annual list aims “to give a holistic picture of places on the upswing,” the publication says. The rankings are based on 2016 data and projected 2017 numbers for population, job, wage, economic output and home value growth. 

“Forbes ranked the 100 metro areas by each of the 10 data sets (five metrics times two years) and equally weighted the results of each to get a composite ranking,” the publication says. 

The Ogden-Clearfield area had a 4.32 percent increase in jobs and a 4.43 percent increase in economic input in 2016. Home values also increased in the area by 7.68 percent in 2016, and wages increased by 6.38 percent.

However, the area had only a 1.34 percent population growth in 2016, and the population is expected to grow only 1.33 percent in 2017. The Cape Coral-Fort Myers area, in comparison, had the highest population growth at 3.39 percent. 

To see the full list of Forbes’ top 25 fastest-growing cities, visit http://bit.ly/2rXdTFQ

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