Nope, they aren't brothers: Meet our Father-Child Look-alike Contest winners

Sunday , June 18, 2017 - 5:00 AM

MATILYN MORTENSEN, Standard-Examiner Staff

Brothers. Two peas in a pod. Identical.

These are just a few of the ways family, friends and even strangers describe Jamie Cannon and his son Koy Cannon, the winners of the Standard-Examiner’s 2017 Father-Child Look-alike Contest

Jamie said friends and family call Koy his “mini-me.”

Koy is now 19, and Jamie said the two have always looked similar, but it’s become more pronounced the older Koy has gotten. .  

In fact, Koy said it isn’t uncommon for people who don’t know them to think Jamie is his older brother rather than his dad. 

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This year’s contest had 64 entries. Jamie and Koy’s photo tied for first place with 47 votes and won after a tie-breaking vote among the Standard-Examiner’s staff. They will receive a $300 gift card to Recreation Outlet, which sponsored the contest. 

We interviewed both Jamie and Koy separately after the victory. Their independent answers show the two are quite similar beyond just their looks.

Answers have been edited for length and clarity. 

Q: Beyond looks, how are the two of you similar?

Jamie: “We both enjoy the same things. We love all sports. It's nice now because we actually get to play them together — basketball leagues, flag football tournaments. We just enjoy doing all the same stuff, camping, whatever it is. He’s a good kid to be around.”

Koy: “When we talk, we sound the same. Our hand motions are the same. We both enjoy the same stuff, like sports. We are kind of like the same person, I feel like. That is what everybody says anyways. We are both nice and caring.”

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Q: What are the biggest differences between the two of you?

Jamie: “I would say he’s pretty shy. I’m not as shy as him. He is a lot more laid-back and relaxed. Nothing seems to get to him or bug him. He’s pretty calm and collected. He knows how to handle each situation pretty well. Sometimes I fly off the handle. My kids tell me I’m a little dramatic.”

Koy: “I’d say I’m a little smarter than my dad.”

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Q: What's the most memorable Father's’ Day gift you have received from your son?

Jamie:  “When he was younger, he would draw up a card for me and it would say how much he loved me and that he just wanted to spend the day with me. It meant a lot to me.”

Q: What is one thing you have hope your son has learned from you?

Jamie: “How to become just a good person in general just to everybody. There’s no reason to treat people differently. Be good to people and you’ll be treated just the same.”

Q: What is one thing you have learned from you dad?

Koy: “Just how he treats everybody. He always treats everybody with respect. He cares for everybody even if he doesn’t know who they are. I’ve kind of taken that from him and tried to emulate that from him.”

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Q: What is something your son has taught you?

Jamie: “He has taught me patience. Definitely patience I would say. When I’m fixing something or we are even just playing a game and it’s not going the way I want it to go, he is there doing it with me and he’s not over reacting. He says, ‘It’s going to work. Don’t worry about it. We are going to get through it.’”

Q: What is something you think you have taught your dad?

Koy: “He gets really anxious. I’m a lot more calm than he is. Probably just not to worry as much, and just sit back and control what you can control.”

Q: If your son has children in the future, what would be some advice you might give him?

Jamie: “Just to be there for them. Make sure you are there for them. You don’t have to be their best friend because you need to be their dad first. They need a dad first and foremost. They need guidance and for you to help them out.”

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