QUIZ: How much do you know about Utah spiders? Test your knowledge here.

Saturday , August 05, 2017 - 5:30 AM

Standard-Examiner staff

Think you know quite a bit about Utah’s spiders? Here’s you chance to prove your knowledge.

In honor of Spiderfest this weekend, we’ve put together a quiz packed with arachnid trivia. Take it below, and let us know how you do in the comments. 

Didn’t do so well on the quiz? You’re in luck — you can learn everything you need to know about spiders at Spiderfest. The event runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Antelope Island State Park. More information about the fest is available here.

Scroll below the quiz for more information about the questions and their answers.

Good luck!

The facts included in the quiz were supplied by Spiderfest.





QUESTION 1 — False

Actually, there are more than 600 known species of spider in Utah.

QUESTION 2 — False

Not every species of spider builds webs. Some ambush or actively hunt prey. Though most spiders are predatory, biologists have discovered species that are almost completely herbivorous. 


They’re arachnids, meaning they usually have two body segments and eight legs. Insects, on the other hand, have three body segments and six legs. Other arachnids include scorpions, ticks and mites. 


Black widows are the only medically significant spider in the state of Utah. Brown recluses don’t live here, and recent evidence has found hobo spiders aren’t medically significant. Interestingly enough, no spider has been found to be lethal to humans in event 10 percent of verified bites.

QUESTION 5 — False

Actually, color is one of the least reliable ways to identify spiders. You usually can’t identify spiders by their markings, with just a few exceptions. Even female black widows don’t always have the telltale hourglass shape on them — however, there isn’t another kind of spider that has this type of marking. So if you see it on one of the arachnids, it’s likely a black widow. 

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