Hill Air Force Base pumped $3.4B into economy last year

Wednesday , February 07, 2018 - 5:00 AM

HILL AIR FORCE BASE — An annual report from Hill Air Force Base shows the nearly 80-year-old military installation had a $3.4 billion influence on the Utah economy last year.

The base recently released its 2017 Economic Impact Statement — an assessment that summarizes Hill’s workforce, payroll, expenditures and economic impact on Northern Utah.

According to a press release, the report was prepared by Hill’s Cost and Economics Division and used identifiable off-base local area spending. 

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The following are notable numbers from the 2017 EIS:

• The base employed 25,550 total personnel. That number includes 5,785 active military members, 3,362 military dependents and 16,353 civilians.

• Hill had a federal payroll of $1.38 billion and racked up $666 million in expenses.

• The base spent nearly $41 million on construction projects, $513 million on service contracts and more than $111 million on materials, equipment and supplies.

• The base’s payroll and employee force make it Utah’s largest single-site employer, both in total employees and salary paid out.

While last year is in the books, the Hill workforce faces major uncertainty in 2018 as the threat of a federal government shutdown looms. To avoid that fate, Congress must agree on a spending deal that also includes new and more stringent immigration laws.

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The base dealt with a partial shutdown in 2013.

According to information provided by the base’s Public Affairs Office, approximately 11,000 civilians were furloughed one day per pay period from June through October during the 2013 shutdown. Nearly 2,700 employees were completely out of work during the first week of October, creating more than $34 million in lost wages.

During the shutdown, flying operations were interrupted, hiring freezes were instituted, death gratuity payments for deceased airmen were delayed, as were education and training sessions. 

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